My Blog!

On my blog I have improved a lot of things. I will start with commenting.

On my blog I have left a lot of comments. In the beginning of the year my comments were short and I didn’t know what to say, but now I say what I feel, I tell them if I like it or not, I tell them if their blog is good. I also hated commenting in the beginning of the year but as I did it more and more I started liking it and now I love it. I find it fun giving your opinion and feedback to other people’s blogs. I also love it when people leave comments on my blog, because the feedback helps me become a better blogger.

I have also improved with my computer skills. This year we have been mostly typing on the computer and it helped me become faster and know where all the letters are. I love typing because I find it very quick and I find it fun. Blogging has also helped me find noncommercial pictures. In the beginning of the year I didn’t know that we had to get specific pictures so I took the nicest one there. I find that it is very helpful that we were doing blogs this year because next year I am going into a computer program at school. Hopefully we will do blogs next year also. Continue reading

The Magic 8 Ball


The magic 8 ball is used for fortune telling. It was originally made in the late 1940s by Alabe Craft Company. The colors are black and white and it is made with plastic, alcohol and blue dye. The magic 8 ball is made to resemble a black and white 8 ball from pool. There have been a lot of different models made by different companies.

These are the possible answers you can get : without a doubt, Yes definitely, you may rely on it, as I see it yes, most likely, reply hazy, cannot predict now, Outlook not so good, etc. I have never owned or touched a magic 8 ball, but I have seen it a lot on TV. You can get at places like toys r us and walmart. The three companies that made it Continue reading

Nature Is Beautiful

landscape, mountains, nature

Nature is one of the most important things in the world, and it is getting destroyed by pollution. I see a lot of junk that should be in the garbage that is thrown on the floor on the school yard and everywhere else. Trees, flowers, plants are all apart of nature. If we had no nature, the trees would be gone, the flowers that bring color and joy to the world would be gone, and etc. Those are all good things in nature but there are also bad things, like wolves eating other animals. But there is a purpose, there is a purpose for everything in nature and we are ruining that. Continue reading

The Big Face-Off!

Facing Off by Ken Danby”Daddy, daddy!!!!”Are we almost there asks Nicolas, him and his father John are going to the Montreal Forum to see the Montreal Canadiens play in the Stanley cup finals versus the Edmonton Oilers. Its Nicolas first time going to see a Montreal Canadiens game, it’s his favorite team and he can’t wait to see them play. He can’t wait to see Maurice Richard. ”Yes Nico, we are almost there” says John. The game starts at 7:30 but they are going early to get good seats. They even tried to see players but they were to late. After they got there popcorn they went to get there seats, they are right in back of the players bench. Nico is amazed, he loves hockey. He plays in league every Saturday. His favorite player is Maurice Richard. The only thing Nico is doing is staring at the big Montreal Canadiens logo. At last he sees the players lining up, as soon as they get on the ice he stars cheering. As the players are skating around he spots Maurice Richard. A few minutes later, Continue reading

Alex Galchenyuk

alexHi everyone today I will be writing about Alex Galchenyuk who is m favorite hockey player.

Alexander Alexandrovich Galchenyuk is born february 12 1994 in Milwaukee USA. He plays for the Montreal Canadiens in Nhl. He is now 22 years old. He has a sister named Anna, his dad is named Alex and his mom is Inna. Anna is his older sister.

I find that Alex is very talented on the ice and he is a very nice man outside of the ice rink also. I have met him 3 times before and he is extremely nice. Every time I asked him to sign something he would do it with a smile and thats why he is favorite hockey player. Continue reading